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Cambridge City of Sanctuary

City of Sanctuary is a movement to build a culture of hospitality for people seeking sanctuary in the UK. Our goal is to create a network of towns and cities throughout the country which are proud to be places of safety for people seeking sanctuary and helping them integrate into their local communities.
Through creating a national network of Cities of Sanctuary, we aim to demonstrate the desire of people of goodwill throughout the country for a more just and humane approach to people seeking sanctuary in this country.

Cambridge Ethnic Community Forum – Refugee Services

  • Providing welfare advice & practical help to asylum seekers & refugees in Cambridge
  • Working in partnership with the statutory & voluntary sector to develop and deliver services to asylum seekers & refugees
  • Developing resource materials for those working with asylum seekers & refugees
  • CECF has received funding from the Allen Lane Foundation and a National Lottery ‘Awards For All’ grant to enable it to have a specifically funded refugee service.

For those who may have a spare room in their home and wish to help an asylum seeker or refugee

CRRC – Cambridge Refugee Resettlement Campaign

We are a group of volunteers, initially set-up by Citizens UK (, helping other organizations working within Cambridge to welcome refugees and those seeking asylum, fleeing persecution and war. We aim to positively influence public opinion on refugees, enabling the people of Cambridgeshire to volunteer their services and provisions to help those newly arrived in the area.

CAMCRAG – Cambridge Convoy Refugee Action Group

Cambridge Convoy Refugee Action Group is a group of volunteers who live in and around Cambridge working to help the refugees in Northern France and elsewhere. We send regular convoys to the camps and we also aim raise awareness of the situation, fundraise and organise donations of clothing and other items. All the money we raise goes towards providing aid in the refugee camps or supporting our convoys.

Cambridge City Council

Fostering and Adoption


Techfugees is a social enterprise coordinating the international tech community’s response to the needs of Refugees. Techfugees organises conferences, workshops, hackathons and meetups in around the world in an effort to generate tech solutions that can help refugees.

Cambridgeshire Schools of Sanctuary

A School of Sanctuary is a school that is committed to being a safe and welcoming place for those seeking sanctuary. This could be people whose lives were in danger in their own country, who have troubles at home or are just looking for a space of safety.
A School of Sanctuary is a school that helps its students, staff and wider community understand what it means to be seeking sanctuary and to extend a welcome to everyone as equal, valued members of the school community. It is a school that is proud to be a place of safety and inclusion for all.

Cambridge Student Action for Refugees

Cambridge STAR is part of a national network of student groups working to improve the lives of refugees and asylum seekers in the UK.
We give students the opportunity to:
Learn more about issues facing refugees in the UK, and pass on their knowledge to others, raising awareness about the hardships faced by those fleeing war and persecution, whilst dispelling negative myths;
Support refugees in the UK via fundraising for existing organsations and campaigning;
Make a difference to the lives of refugees and asylum seekers more locally through practical volunteering.

Cambridge Hub Ethical Network

The Ethical Network is a community of student societies working on social and environmental issues, campaigning, fundraising, volunteering and promoting engagement with the challenges in which they are involved.

Amnesty International – Cambridge

Red Cross Cambridgeshire

The British Red Cross has a long tradition of providing practical and emotional support to vulnerable refugees and asylum seekers in the UK.
We often need to respond quickly and effectively to crises such as supporting large-scale arrivals or giving emergency provisions to those facing severe hardship.
How do we help people?
The Red Cross supports refugees in a wide variety of ways. These include offering emergency food, clothes or small amounts of cash to those facing severe hardship. We also help refugees access services and we offer friendly advice to the most vulnerable.

NACCOM – The UK-wide No Accommodation Network

NACCOM represents a network of organisations seeking to prevent destitution amongst migrants with no recourse to public funds.  Member organisations provide accommodation and support to asylum seekers, refugees and other vulnerable migrants, and we provide resources and support for our members.  NACCOM also promotes understanding about destitution through awareness-raising activities and seek to extend the network to ensure no-one is left destitute and homeless in the UK.