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Cambridge has resettled over a hundred Syrian refugees as part of the Syrian Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme. This required a great effort from Cambridge City Council and Cambridge Refugee Resettlement Scheme, as well as a lot of generous people stepping forward when they learned about the contributions needed. With the start of the new UK Resettlement Scheme, there is hope for many more vulnerable refugees to be resettled from crisis zones.

We think Cambridge can be fairly proud of its efforts in this regard, but it is not taking a fair share of asylum seekers. The majority of asylum seekers in the UK are sent to designated dispersal areas, which are mostly poor areas and mostly in the North, often in shocking conditions. Cambridge could fairly easy accept a share of asylum seekers, who would enrich the texture of the city, it just needs to work with the designated service providers for dispersal accommodation. We hope to see this happen in 2021 and discuss ways to support the people who then call Cambridge their home.