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CALAIS CHILDREN; A CASE TO ANSWER – Film, public meeting, and discussion with the director

Monday 17th June , 7.30 pm, Jesus Lane Friends Meeting House, 12 Jesus Lane, Cambridge CB5 8BA

Presented by The Quakers.  Free entry.

CALAIS CHILDREN; A CASE TO ANSWER is a compelling 62-minute film following the scandal of what happened to almost 2000 lone children
who were in the Calais Jungle as it burned down in 2016. Most of them had a legal right to be in the UK.  Their case was brought to court for
Judicial Review by the Duncan Lewis Public Law team who had been taken to see what was happening in the Jungle by Sue Clayton, the maker
of the film. The children should have been brought to the UK under the Dubs amendment.  The film served as evidence during the hearing which
found the Home Office had acted unlawfully over their management of the Dubs Amendment.

The film is being used as a means of fundraising for young people and others Sue has met since 2016, who are still in France and Belgium, and
have suffered terribly over the winter.

Following the showing of the film Sue Clayton will update us on the current situation affecting children in the Calais area.


Photograph by kind permission of Sue Clayton.