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Helping Syrian and Palestinian women help themselves!

Flora is a Cambridge student who currently is volunteering in the Shatila refugee camp in Beirut.  She recently got in contact with Cambridge CoS – this is what she said…

“I am currently on my year abroad in Lebanon where I have been working for a group of refugee women in Shatila camp, Beirut who have started their own social enterprise. I am totally in awe of the women I work for and their ambition in spite of hostile circumstances.

Shatila Studio  bespoke embroidery business based in the Shatila refugee camp, run by Syrian and Palestinian refugee women. We also employ 100 refugee women as embroiders; half of them are the sole breadwinners for their families. We used to be funded by donors, but have recently lost this funding. We’ve decided to take fate into our own hands to become an independent business and continue providing 100 talented women with a sustainable livelihood.

We are running fundraising campaign on Indiegogo to publicise the Studio and to encourage new customers. We share your belief in empowering refugees and allowing them to secure their futures. As you have a following of people who are also engaged in these issues, we were wondering whether you could help us to publicise our campaign.

This is the link to the campaign: 

This is to our Instagram page:

This is our twitter: 

We would be really grateful of you could take a look at the campaign, watch our film, and share them on. 

We are a social enterprise just starting out, and, with your support, we would be able to reach new potential customers, and ultimately guarantee a livelihood for the women of Shatila Studio and their families independent of aid. We mean to empower women beyond the confines of the camp. “