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We Helped Walk Around the Whole World!


On Sunday July 22nd 55 local people of all ages and abilities.mostly parishioners but some neighbours and friends, gathered to “Share the Journey” walking in solidarity with our global neighbours –those refugees and migrants forced to flee their homes and make desperate journeys in search of refuge. We  met in the lovely community orchard and picnicked under the trees and then gathered to walk around the shady paths of Milton Country Park-very welcome on a very hot day!

A small Lampedusa cross and a banner was carried and provoked quite a bit of interest from the genral public enjoying their day out. We paused frequently to hear stories of those on the move and to reflect on their suffering and the part we could play in helping alleviate it. We had a go at singing the children’s Cafod song “we are One world” together with enthusiastic actions! We added the miles we walked to those of others all over England and Wales as we aimed to walk the 24, 900miles around the world!

We ended in the small garden next to the café for a final prayer, and song and participants were invited to sign cards urging our prime minister to work towards global compacts on migration and refugees to respect human dignity and support host countries in advance of new UN agreements. Very many thanks to all those who supported this act of witness by turning up,offering prayer and to those who helped it run so successfully.

More information on Share the Journey may be found at where you can also sign the online petition.